My leap of faith

So, I’ve co-authored and edited a book in the past, and now it’s my time to take another leap and get my next book out there. I’ve written a book for women about how to move on successfully after the end of a long term relationship. It’s called Flying Solo Again and I’m very excited about it!


I was married and I left that marriage and now I’m married to the most amazing man. There were some things I did after the end of my first marriage that I know made a huge difference so that I have been able to move on super happily. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always easy and it was certainly painful and extremely challenging at times. I did lots of work on myself. I found a way through so that I was free from any upset, anger or hurt and could move on in a really positive way with my life.

The two important things I did were to make sure that I took great care of myself and that I looked forward and started moving towards where I was going rather than where I had come from.

In Flying Solo Again, you’ll get to go on a journey from where you are now towards where you dream of being. I’ll show you some fab ways of making sure you are really taking great care of yourself. I’ll also share with you some steps about how to be really clear about your dreams and goals and you’ll learn how to open up and receive them.

I’m excited and, if you’re at the end of a long term relationship, you can be too. You might not believe it right now, and please have faith that this time can be a fab new opportunity for you. A blank page on which you can start to create a magical life for yourself.

If you’d like to find out when my book’s available, please follow my blog and I’ll be keeping you updated here.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Catherine

For more inspiration about how to create a magical life, please do visit my website…

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