Getting to the heart of things

Everything that’s going on in your life (on the outside) is a reflection of what’s going on, on the inside. What you’re putting out into the world is what you’ll experience showing up around you. That means, if it’s your heart’s desires you’re seeking, it’s with a whole heart you must seek them.

Where there is ‘dis’ in any part of your life, it is because there is conflict within your being at some level. There is no judgement with this, often the conflict is subtle and easily goes unnoticed. It is with care and patience that you can do the work to bring your internal world and your external experience into harmony.

MY Quotes 14

For many years, I didn’t show all of myself to my ex-husband. I squashed down anything I thought he wouldn’t like or anything I thought he would reject me for. I was scared to show up as all of me.

When my soul refused to stay silent and I could no longer stifle what was in my heart, my ex-husband was confused by what seemed to him, a different ‘me’ emerging. I experienced release and freedom, even euphoria, at having supressed so much for so long. He, understandably, didn’t feel comfortable with what was happening.

As I grew into more of the person I truly am, he reacted with upset and tried to stop me changing. In the end, I made a choice to leave and to continue my growth alone.

Now, I accept my growth is an ever evolving process. As I overcome challenges and move towards my fears, I discover parts of myself that have laid dormant and hidden. Those things that once I would have shied away from, I now see as the places to explore and be curious about.

As I delve below the surface of my jealousy, I see insecurity and fear of being abandoned and rejected. I also see frustration at myself for not stepping up and being all that I can be at times.

So, as you are out in the world today, I invite you to notice your reactions and responses and to pay attention to any tension and subtle changes in your energy. I invite you to get curious. It could be that with a little exploration whole new vistas will open up before you.

Have a wonderful day,

Love, Catherine x

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