Tell me what it means to be successful?

That’s an interesting question don’t you think? What does success mean to you? What does your life look like when you’re successful?

There’s a million different answers to that question, and, I think if you ask a hundred people, you’ll likely get a hundred different answers. Although, at the heart of what they say it may be the same.

Not that long ago, I think I might have expected lots of people to answer in terms of their financial abundance. Now though, I expect that lots of people would answer in terms of their health, wellbeing and happiness.

I actually think that to be successful in life it can mean being successful in many ways. It can mean having financial abundance, great health, loving relationships and connection with others, fulfilling work, a purpose that inspires and being happy with the way you look and feel about about yourself.

Success can also be defined in terms of something very specific. It could be that you are successful if you contribute positively to someone, or the world, in some way each day.

I wonder, how do you define success?

I think it’s important that you are clear what it means to you, so that you know when you have achieved and realised success in your life. One thing’s for certain, success starts with you, it’s about you. It’s up to you to define it and make it real in your life.


Magical You, my company, is all about supporting you to be your most magical you and to live life with a cherry on the top. It’s about supporting you to be successful in your life.

Wishing you well and til next time…

Love, Catherine


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