You’ve heard of keeping up with Joneses?

Well, for me, out and about on social media, I’m experiencing something I call keeping up with the Facebook-ers. You know, sometimes I wander around the online lives of other women in business, and I notice that I’m feeling a little inadequate.

I see lots of talk of 6 figure months and VIP packages and high ticket sales. As a ‘businesswoman work-in-progress’, it’s easy for me to get hooked and believe that I’m not successful if I’m not having 6 figure months or offering high priced packages as the norm.

The truth is, I’m not sure I’m ready to offer my work for 6 figures and more, and so I don’t, yet. Perhaps in time, I will be grown and have evolved into that place, within myself and with my work. For the time being, I’m actually feeling really quite super duper that I’m out there, doing it, giving it my best shot and doing work with women in a way that I know, because they tell me, makes a difference and helps them in their life. For now, that’s ok with me. It really is ok with me.

I’m loving that I have created a business and life and have some things to teach and share with other women. I’m loving learning how to package all that up, offer it, do the work and witness the shifts in other women because of it.

As I journey on, no doubt, I will evolve and grow and that will mean I will evolve and grow my work and business too. For the time being though, all’s well in the world for me, and, I want to salute you if you’re just starting out, or if things aren’t as super glossy and highly polished as you think they are for other women, or if you’re not making those 6 figures or more. If you’re happy and know you’re doing your best, right now, with what you know AND you’re calling in the support to get you to the next level (if that’s where you want to go), then I’m cheering you on.

Life really is about being willing to stretch out towards your dreams, and also it’s about enjoying exactly where you are right now and relishing the process of your growth, at a pace that feels right for you and in a way that feels right for you.

So, I promise, next time I visit your virtual life and I initially think that it looks sexier, fuller and more successful than mine, I’ll stop and remember, I’m exactly where I need to be and everything is evolving perfectly. My job is simply to allow it to happen, trust it will happen and to enjoy the ride along the way. From that place of being happy with me, I can be happy for you and with you.

Oh, and by the way, if you see me around in cyber space, do drop in and say ‘hi’, I’d love to meet you.


Lots of love til next time, keep enjoying 🙂

Catherine x

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2 thoughts on “You’ve heard of keeping up with Joneses?

  1. Wise words Catherine. It’s so difficult not to compare ourselves to others and we often come out of the experience feeling inadequate. Your post reminded me to be a bit more grateful for what I have and to focus on the happiness of where I am in my journey. Hopefully, in focussing on feeling good on where I am right now it will attract more of what I want in life, gradually moving me closer to my goals. So thank you for the reminder and the inspiring words!

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