Beware of shiny objects…

I’ve been aware of the potential pitfalls of ‘shiny new object syndrome’ recently…


I wonder… are you someone who loves the latest new ‘thing’, course, workshop, technique, strategy or promise of all-you-ever-wanted at the wave of a magic wand? Are you into growth and expansion and fulfilling your potential, and, are you always on the look out for new ways to evolve, experience and enjoy more and more of life?

While I wouldn’t say I flit from thing to thing, I know I sometimes have a tendency to have a million great ideas or things I want to do and I am full of enthusiasm, and then, I often find myself not knowing which thing to take action on. This can leave me feeling overwhelmed and paralysed in overload.

It’s so refreshing for me, therefore, to have my coaches by my side, gently guiding me through the maze of my busy (and excited!) brain, helping me determine what the next right actions are, for me.

“A magical message for you”…it usually involves me stopping and breathing into the next step and feeling into what feels right, for me. That’s one you could try out if you are experiencing some overwhelm or overload right now. Stopping, and breathing, and feeling into what feels good, is such a liberatingly feminine way of making choices and taking actions, and, it absolutely does feel wonderful.

To illustrate…recently I was offered time at an amazing retreat with some awesome mentors, and, at the same time, I have a holiday booked with my darling husband. In the past I would have felt I ‘should’ say ‘yes’ to the retreat opportunity (…shiny too-good-to-miss opportunity…). I would have been seduced by pushing onwards with my goals.

This time though, I simply sat back, opened my heart, and felt into the offer, and, decided what feels right, for me, truly right for me.

It sounds so simple when I describe it here, and, by the way, I wasn’t ever not going to go on holiday with my wonderful husband, and, what I may have been left with if I’d made the decision the way I made decisions in the past, is a slight disappointment that I couldn’t go to the retreat.

This time though, I feel something so much more powerful and certain than a simple head based thought of, “Well, of course, I’m not going to go on the retreat when I have a holiday booked.”. What I feel now, is total complete and utter relaxation about what I am consciously choosing to do in terms of these 2 things, the retreat and my holiday.

Because, the truth is, I could have gone on the retreat if I’d really wanted to, AND, by stopping and feeling into the question, I have total peace about going on holiday AND, the big shift for me, is, I’m not feeling one iota of that I’m missing out on something.

In the past, I know I would have felt that I was passing on a bright new shiny object. Now, I can see I have the bright shiny object right here… my total peace and joy about consciously choosing to spend my time with my gorgeous man. How lucky am I ;

Can you relate? Does that make sense? I wonder, are there things you are doing out of a ‘should’ place, AND, are you willing to consider making your choices out of what you truly TRULY want, instead (even those choices where shiny new objects are involved, and, you find yourself super tempted by all that is glittering and gold)?

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Til next time,

Love and warmest wishes,



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