The power of making an agreement in your relationship, and what that means

Here, in the UK, we are seeing the first signs of Autumn, as the leaves turn their beautiful shades of russet and gold. I was so inspired by the clear blue sky and the promise of some October sunshine this morning that I decided to take myself outside into the park before I started my day’s activities.


As I walked, I felt an enormous appreciation that I CAN just simply decide that I will take a walk before I start work each day. I’m not tied to getting on a train or in a car in the hustle and bustle of rush hour, and, to having to be at a certain place, at a certain time, to do my work.

That freedom and flexibility comes, in part, out of an agreement I have with my husband, about the way we live our lives. Our agreement is that he goes to work every day in his business, and that I do my work at a time and place I choose. That means, if I choose, I can go for a walk in the morning.

I notice that by having this agreement with my husband, I can do the work I LOVE, that feeds my soul, AND, I see that I’m actually able to be the greatest service to my clients because of it. It means, I work ‘hard’ AND it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Our agreement is conscious, and, it is a choice, about how we live our lives together. It meant that we had a conversation, very early in our relationship, about how we both wanted our relationship, and day to day lives, to be.

I see that I could have got scared at that time, and not told my husband the truth about how I REALLY want to work. I see that if I’d done that and I’d allowed my fears about what he might think about what I want, to get in the way, then, he would have had an expectation of me that wasn’t based on truth.

I can see that relationships sometimes flounder when two people’s expectations of each other aren’t being met. The way around that problem is eased by creating agreements that both people ‘sign up’ to.

Of course, those agreements sometimes need to be adjusted and re-agreed over time. We, as human beings, evolve, and so, our needs, desires and hence our agreements with each other may change. Having agreements, though, in any and every relationship in my life, both intimate and personal, and business, is a great way of setting the scene and the expectations about how things will be.

It’s also fair to say, that, if I’m not able to come to an agreement about how a relationship will be, it may not be the right relationship for me to be in. This is true for both personal and business relationships.

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Also, I wonder… are there agreements you can make with the people in your life, that will, ultimately, support you, and them, to have a happier, easier, more fun times in those relationships!?… I’d love to hear your thoughts, please do leave a comment by clicking the ‘bubble’ at the top!



2 thoughts on “The power of making an agreement in your relationship, and what that means

  1. Lovely article Catherine. And I ask myself how long it takes to be clear about what we want in our relationships. I take my hat off to you for not only asking for this flexibility in the way you work but for being aware that it’s what you need.

    • Thank you for your response Catherine. Yes, I feel that as evolutionary beings, we need to cultivate compassion with ourselves and each other, and allow all our growth and be accepting of the consequences of that growth….not always easy! 😉 Love to you

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