How to know when to push on and when to stop and rest

There’s a theme, a recurring conversation, that I’m experiencing in my life recently…”how do you know when to push on, and, when to stop and rest, particularly in the midst of a difficult situation?”

You know the times… when you’re in the middle of a really tough time, one that feels really difficult and exhausting, and you feel zapped of energy, and yet, your mind is whirring at a hundred miles an hour because you’re trying to fathom out what to do next…?

Well, that seems to be a recurring theme of conversation I’m having with many different people in my life at the moment. It’s a situation that lots of people I’ve been talking with recently are experiencing… so much so, I’ve decided to explore it here…

I’ve noticed at times in my life when I’ve felt really up against it…times such as… after my Dad died suddenly of a heart attack and we were all in shock and exhausted by our overwhelming loss… when I left my ex husband and felt paralysed by fear about how to move forward in my life… when I was whirlling in confusion about whether I really had it in me to step up and grow my business and so be willing to invest what felt like a lot of money in order to do that…

In all those moments, my head was telling me to rest, take it easy, slow down and to just let things happen and unfold… However, in those exact same moments, I also recognised that I was at some kind of crossroads, a decision point in my life, and, looking back now, I’m thankful that I did what I did, which was to NOT to rest and take it easy, and which was, to do the opposite, and take some action.

I’ve always found that I feel most exhausted when I’m waiting for something on the outside of me to shift, so that how I’m feeling inside will feel better.

In contrast, I’ve found that I feel most energised when I step up and take some action that supports me to feel better about something that’s going on in my life.

The fear and confusion I experience in those moments can feel overwhelming, and so, it’s really important for me to eat well, sleep, get outside into nature and to reach out for support from the people that love me.

More often than not, in those moments, when all I want to do is hide under the duvet, the thing that I must do, is to take some action, even if it’s just a tiny step.

Here is a truth I’ve discovered…nothing changes unless I am willing to take some action to change it.


I know that sometimes rest and recovery are what’s needed, AND, if that’s truly what you need right now, then absolutely, it’s so important to give yourself the time to rest and recover. However, a word of caution too… I notice that my mind (…and I expect yours is the same as well…) sometimes has a sneaky way of telling me I should rest, when in fact, I should act.

There’s one thing I know that makes all the difference in those extemely challenging situations, that’s support…. and… I have a gift for you… if you’re feeling inspired and would like my support in the form of my monthly newsletter, please do email me now and I’ll make sure you receive my next one AND I’ll send you a GIFT too…your “Magical Storybook Adventure”, it will support you to explore and reflect upon where you are in your life right now,

In the meantime, what action, no matter how small, can you take today that will help you to feel better about your current difficult situation?

I’m cheering you on and sending you lots of love,


P.S. I’d love to her what you think, please do leave me a comment in the ‘bubble’ above.

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