The truth about Mr Grey, and other things my mother never told me

I’m fascinated by the fascination around Mr Grey…if you’ve read ‘the’ books, then you’ll know who I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then, ‘the’ books (and I’ve only read the first one) are about the relationship between Mr Grey and girlfriend…

Anyway, I see this huge attraction that many women have for the character, a strong, masterful man, and that is what I want to explore today…plus, I thought it would be fun to put some sparkle and fizz into my first blog post of the year… 😉

For you see, I ‘get’ the attraction to Mr Grey… because I believe he calls to our wild, free, spirited, untamed woman… the woman that we all are, in our heart of heart’s.

I feel that the core of our feminine essence is that wild, free, spirited energy that lights up the room, that ignites the passion of our men, that causes our men to feel their true masculinity, the masculinity and strength to which we are drawn.

In my marriage to my ex husband, I was a ‘little girl’ or, sometimes, a ‘mother’…I was very rarely a wild woman. In my marriage now, I am that free woman. I trust my husband at such a deep level, that I can let go and allow him to hold me. I trust in his leadership in our lives and his ability to protect and make things safe for us.

That, I believe, is what is so attractive about Mr Grey. I believe it his ability to take control, to handle ‘it’, to be strong enough so his woman can surrender and open and express all and everything that she is…and also, to feel so held and desired and wanted, all at once.

I see many women, and I was once one of those women, who are afraid to let go and surrender. By this, I mean, let go and surrender, ultimately, to the flow of life… to trust in life so deeply that there is no need to control or be strong in the masculine sense of the word.

Ladies…and this is what my mother never told me… men do not lead this dance in life… we do. It is our job to be the women we are, from the depth and passion of our hearts and souls… and to lead our men into the mystery and magic, that is love and passion and adventure, and to experience the exquisite beauty, joy and pleasure in our relationships and in our lives.

So, as we begin a new year, perhaps we, as women, can remember that we can let go, we can surrender to what is, we can allow the chaos, the noise and mess and all the jobs we think need to be done, be left undone…and we can make our priority connecting with our truth, our love and with the flow of life, and, we can also soften our hearts so that we can simply enjoy the time we have with our families, friends…and…of course… our men! 😉

I wish you lots of love for a magical new year, and… as always… I’d love to read your comments so please do post them above in the ‘buuble’,

Catherine ❤

2 thoughts on “The truth about Mr Grey, and other things my mother never told me

  1. A really interesting post. I used to think “surrendering” was a passive, defeatist act that denoted weakness in some way. It’s only recently that I’m beginning to realise that the act of surrendering is actually a very open, brave and powerful act. In allowing what will happen to just be and in letting go of the worries I attach to things I find that I then allow the universe and the people around me to help in some way and that a solution usually presents itself. In trusting that things will happen as they’re supposed to, I find that the situation tends to lose some of its negativity and gets resolved in a more positive way.

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