Mr Grey….part two

At the start of the year, I posted that I understand the fascination and draw that so many women have to the character, Mr Grey, in the 50 Shades books and film…

With a little more reflection, I feel the need to say some more.

Whilst I can see the attraction, for all the reasons I described in my previous blog, I also didn’t tell you, in my other post, that I only read the first book and that I choose not to read the others or to see the film.


Because… even though… I feel, from the core of my feminine heart, that I long for a strong masculine energy to meet me and hold me. I DO NOT support the way, I see, the books and film portray something, again, from my viewpoint, that is abuse, as something sexy and glamourous.

When I talked previously, of understandig the attraction, it is simply the attraction of a strong man that I understand, one who I can lean in to and feel safe with. I do not, understand the attraction of being controlled and disempowered, in the way I see, at least, the one book I have read describes.

So, having shared more of my truth with you, I feel I have clarified and said all I need to say.

I’m now curious, what do you think? I’d love for you to share in the bubble on this page,

Love to you,


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