Our first week in Wales!

So we made it! We’re here! Greetings to you from Pembrokeshire!

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions, for me, during our first week in Wales. To be honest, I’ve been feeling up, down, happy, tearful, excited, giddy, fearful…the whole roller coaster of everything-ness.

Isn’t it interesting, how, when we get what we want, it can be tricky to accept it…never mind, actually enjoy it! Welcome to the world of upper limits!

Thankfully, I’ve read “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. He talks about this upper limit problem, the one where we get all weird and scared and start self sabotaging, when we get something that we really, really, REALLY want.

I intend to write about our next 6 months, of spending our time, half here and half in London, as openly and truthfully as I can, so you get to see what it really feels like, to be living by the sea, living the dream, the one I’ve held so dear for as long as I can remember. I wonder if it’s interesting and useful, if I share the reality of what it honestly feels like, to be in a place in life, where all the pieces are slotting together, and, I can really, truly, actually (can you tell I’m finding it hard to believe and accept it!?) do all the things that make me skip and smile!

So, this morning, after a good few days of cleaning and home-making and then some more cleaning! ( I found a dead slug in one of the kitchen cupboards the other day!), I’ve been to the local riding stables and booked our first riding lesson. I’m excited!… not so sure about Mr T though 😉

Next stop today, was the beach. My emotions ranged from absolute bursting with giddiness, to, “Really?”, “Are we really doing this?”, “This is just too much, too good”, “I feel undeserving of such blooming marvellousness”….so you see, a whole mixed bag of all sorts.

You might get a sense of just how over awed, blown away and, almost speechless, I am, at the beauty and magic of this place, from the pics I took today…

IMG_0753 IMG_0751 IMG_0752

…more news soon,

til then,

love to you from Wales,


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