Yesterday, we arrived at our seaside home, today, I cried

Yesterday, we came back to Pembrokeshire, this morning, I cried.

It was late and dark when we got here last night. This morning, after a cosy sleep, I set off for a walk to see the sea. At first I could only hear the sound of the waves, and then, as I rounded a bend in the path, there it was, there was that view. In front of me, I could see the waves, those endless, certain, ebbing and flowing, waves. My eyes filled with tears, and I couldn’t have stopped the smile that broke out all across my face. I’m home again.

If you trust in the universe, in God, in a loving source energy, you might not be surprised to hear, that when I pressed shuffle on the ipod last night to crank up the tunes for our journey, the first song to play, was Tom Jones, Green Green Grass of Home. Again, I couldn’t have not smiled.

Have you ever experienced that feeling, when you just know, without a reason being necessary, that something is just SO right?

Being here, on the coast of West Wales, feels just SO right, right now, for me.

As well, have you ever had an experience, without wanting to sound totally woo woo, where you feel connected to, and part of, well… everything? That you’re no longer an observer, separate in your own body, but rather, it’s like you become part of everything around you. I had a brief glimpse of something like that this morning. As I gazed at the sea, and watched the gulls soaring on the edge of the wind and bobbing in the shallows, I could have almost been those waves, those gulls. It was like I was one with everything in that moment. I know!…wild! The thing was, as soon as I thought my next thought, then I was back, in myself, separate once again.

It seems to me that that is what the ultimate experience in life is all about. I guess it’s why we meditate and some people choose to take mind altering drugs! It’s all about achieving that moment of total peace, absolute bliss and oneness with life itself. I know!…as I say, wild!

Is all this too out there?…! 🙂

To bring it back to something just a tad more grounded, I’ve also remembered what I used to think when I was still a child. I used to see life like a great big sweetshop, full of the most wonderful goodies to enjoy! I saw other people as my fellow playmates, here to enjoy it all with.

It feels really good, to have had started out in life with that perspective, and also to remember that point of view now, even in my mid forties. I feel blessed to have been born with a natural curiosity and wonder about life.

Before I leave this here for today, I’ve a photo I want to share with you…this is our local butchers 🙂

Oh, how I love this experience, this life by the sea!




2 thoughts on “Yesterday, we arrived at our seaside home, today, I cried

  1. I love this perspective – it seems really true. But somehow a picture of carcasses at the end doesnt fit with this loving vision of life… animals, for me, are very conscious beings, who have love to give us and who want to live.

    • Thank you for your comment Kalyani. I just re-visited my post after I read your comment, and I can feel what you say. There does seem to be a jarr, and, I do eat meat, and, I do agree that animals are conscious beings. You’ve opened up a new enquiry for me. I’m so glad you shared.

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