Life at a slower pace

Even though we are in the midst of Winter, and not so many days away from the shortest day of the year, my days seem to be long.

I feel like I have lots of time.

Perhaps it’s my slower pace of life, here in West Wales, or perhaps it’s because I’m being much more conscious about how I’m using my time, that means I feel like I have SO MUCH MORE of it.

In some ways, my life is smaller here. There are fewer places to go, fewer people to see, and less of everything for me to be ‘caught up in’ or distracted by. That, of course, naturally means I have much more time.

My days are a combination of walking, mostly by the sea, shopping for, and making good food, some writing or painting, as well as our day to day household chores. I like it. I like the simplicity of it all.

It’s something about a combination of having fewer choices, as well as my clear intention to spend these 6 months, simply enjoying the things I love to do, that seems to be making for this utter spaciousness.

It’s allowing me to see that there must usually be so much of my life where I’m ‘going through the motions’,  perhaps filling my time with should do’s and have to’s, rather than making deliberate conscious choices, about how I REALLY want to spend my time.

As we get close to the end of the year, I’m taking this learning into my looking forward for 2016.

Where can I trim and hone my life… so that it is more and more about what is really important to me?

What are the things that I really enjoy, and when will I make sure I do them?

It is so easy to let our time, and our lives, slip through our fingers. Days, weeks, months and even years can go by, before we look back and wonder where did all that time go, AND, have I really enjoyed it and fully lived it?

I’m inviting you, dear reader, to consider all of this in the context of your life too, particularly as we are nearing the start of a brand new year.

I wonder,

What are the things that YOU would like 2016 to be about, and for it to include?

I’m encouraging you to take the time to work out how you can incorporate those things into each and every day, or at least each and every week, of your new year.

Til soon,

Love, Catherine




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