Life is good and I’m the Queen of Sheba! ;)

I’m lying on the sofa, with a fire roaring in the hearth, and a glass of red on the coffee table. It’s Thursday evening, and life is good.

Recently, I’ve been noticing, again, how flipping hard it can be sometimes, to really, truly, appreciate the abundance and goodness in life. I notice how easy it is to focus on what’s not right, rather than luxuriate in, and celebrate, what’s totally yummy!

Life is good… and… do you know what? In this moment, I absolutely completely FEEL it… right to the centre of my overflowing heart. I am tingling with good feelings as I write these words. I’ve just bathed in a warm, candle-lit bathroom.  My husband came in and brought me wine and nibbles. He told me I’m like the Queen of Sheba! I feel a whole mix of warm and cosy and sensual and divine.

Yes, life is good!

The thing is, I do have ‘stuff’ going on in my life. There’s things that I could be thinking of that don’t always feel so great, AND, right in this moment, I am choosing (because I can…) to focus on what is good, what is wonderful, and what does feel exquisite.

When we shift our focus, we shift our experience. When we accept what is, and, what no amount of fretting and worrying will change, we shift our experience.

I know, I REALLY do know that it’s not alway easy. I know it takes work, it takes commitment and determination to stick with it. ‘Allowing’ myself to be happy has been one of the slipperiest, trickiest little puzzles to unravel. AND, as I write these words, I really do feel, that I’m beginning to get a foothold (at least some of the time!) on what it is to be deeply, fully, truly satisfied (in an “I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing” about life, kinda way).

I working on what I know to be true… to keep following my bliss and my desires. I am paying attention to any pain, because I know that is where there is a portal to more joy, more peace. When I step closer to the hurt and uncomfortableness, there is greater freedom and more wonder on the other side.

Again, I really do know that it isn’t always the easiest path, AND, in my experience, it is the most juicy. I intend to keep exploring it. I welcome you to join me!

Love to you.

Til next time, Catherine



2 thoughts on “Life is good and I’m the Queen of Sheba! ;)

  1. well said. I could feel your joy and ease. yeah, it seems you’re right, LIFE is always changing and bringing different experiences. I secretly think we’d be bored silly without the contrast it provides. glad to hear you’ve got a handle of the GOODNESS of life. it’s amazing to me that folks can spend so much of their energy and time NOT seeing or enjoying or talking about it! keep on rocking this world Queen Catherine!!! OWN your goodness and continue to be a portal for others to see how good and fun and inspiring each day CAN be. be well my friend.

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