I have to tell it like it is!

Dear One,

Do you ever feel really frustrated, like you’re trying to say things that you’re not sure are being fully received?

That’s how I’m feeling right now. And, maybe I’m going out on a bit of a limb by writing to you about it here… the thing is… I’m willing to go out on this limb… because, it’s important… because, I really want YOU to know this. I really want YOU to live your most amazing life!


The thing is… women have been telling me that they look at my life and how good it looks to them, and they tell me they don’t feel like it’s really possible for them to have the same.

I feel sad when I hear that… and there’s a couple of things, I wholeheartedly feel, I would be doing you a dis-service, if I didn’t say in response…

The first is, my life isn’t always all rosey and light. I still have my ‘stuff’, and things to work on, and… the thing is, I’m really not saying that’s a ‘bad’ thing at all. I actually don’t think our work is ever done, OR, that we ever get everything all working in our lives without any challenges at all. To me, that would only be possible if we stopped growing and naturally evolving, which I don’t believe we ever do.

And so that leads me nicely on to the second thing I feel fired up to share… and that’s this… even in the midst of challenges and hurdles, and, sometimes, some pretty painful times, there is still the opportunity for us to embrace it all… and, for us, not to resist and fight, but rather, to allow ourselves to travel the most easy path through those learning and growth opportunities. And that, dear one, is really what’s at the heart of my message today…

It’s not about denying or magically eradicating any difficulty… it’s about learning to embrace ALL of life… and to navigate a path according to what is truly, truly right for us.


There is a way to navigate through, and to live your most exciting, fulfilling and love-filled life. This is not pie in the sky, wishful thinking. This is, both feet firmly on the ground, looking it all straight in the eye, real life living. And, woohoo, it is totally thrilling!

I’m wondering, as well, if you’ve ever heard me talk about the reason I’m so passionate about all this, and why I have this, won’t go away, desire to share my experiences?

It’s because my life wasn’t always the way it is now.

It’s because it’s not that many years ago, that I didn’t have the first clue about how to live my life in a way that feels really good to me (yes, even with the challenges and obstacles I still encounter)… It’s because I learned a whole lot of things that really did change everything for me… It’s because, now, I really love to share what I discovered… and to help other women avoid the many years of struggle that it took for me to find the way.

So now I feel better. So now I’ve soothed my frustration, and, I’ve shared what I knew I needed to share with you. And so, it’s over to you. I’d love to know… What do you do to support yourself, to transform your biggest challenges into a most exhilarating journey of growth and fulfilment?

I wish you a wonderful weekend . And, it really is always wonderful to hear from you, so please do post your questions, comments and all things magical here!

Sending so much love to you,

2 thoughts on “I have to tell it like it is!

  1. Lately I’ve been trying to give myself the gift of patience. To recognize that there is no finish line to my evolution, so there’s no need to rush anymore.

    I’m also working to find more of a balance in what I embrace — since I’m pretty good at clinging to life’s difficulties and disregarding its blessings. It time to practice savouring my sparkly moments, because I don’t know how many I will get, and pushing myself through them seems like such a poor use of their magic.

    • Loving you in your sparkly moments Tanya. Do you know these words from James Redfield…’where attention goes, energy flows’? Keep feeling into those sparkly times beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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