When change beckons

Life will nudge, and, sometimes, it will even prod you a little harder, when it wants you to sit up and take notice.

I’ve been unwell over the past month so I haven’t written here for a while. The past few weeks have been my wake-up call, a time for me to address and change, what needs to be addressd and changed.

In short, I’ve been investing time and energy into LOTS of things recently. As a result, I’ve been feeling a little flat and uninspired, at best, AND, plugged in, triggered and down right grouchy, at worst. Then, along came an illness, it floored me in my tracks, and it forced me to stop and come face to face with myself. THANK GOODNESS.

On the other side of it, here’s what I’ve learned, and also, here’s the changes I’m making…

I’ve learned (and re-learned!)

  • that following my bliss, doing what makes me smile (those great BIG, ear to ear, smiles) is the ONLY way to navigate life
  • reaching out, talking it out, sharing it… makes all the difference to getting clarity and direction
  • how bloomin’ good it feels to open up and share in that way (even if you only have one person in your life who you can let all your barriers down with, you are truly, truly, blessed)
  • sometimes/often, the only way to know what the next step is… is to stop, get quiet, listen, and, wait (until the next step reveals itself)
  • life/the universe will do its thing, in perfect perfection, and, each of us is part of that perfect perfection. The ups and downs, twists and turns, are just our opportunities to keep choosing the path of least resistance and joy

The changes I’m making

  • doing less/slowing down (at least for a while)
  • doing ONLY what feels good
  • practising accepting what is, what I can’t change… not resisting any of it (that’s a work in progress!)
  • gently asking “what’s the lesson in this for me (in all the things I have been wanting to change/be different… more work in progess!)?”
  • practising being in the moment, fully present, to everything and everyone, in every given moment

And so, I leave you here with an invitation, an invitation to have a look around this, my online home 🙂 I’ve been getting to work on making those changes above! I’ve been updating and adding to my blog. It feels super yummy to have this place and to join you here. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same, and to keep peeling off your layers, and revealing the truth of who you are? The world really needs it, the world really needs YOU to be you! ♥ Sending so much love ♥


Pausing to reflect for a while


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