The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your True Happiness and Deep Fulfilment – Part 2

The 2nd Key

“Letting go of anything that does not serve you or fill you with joy”

Everything from the thoughts you have about yourself and the beliefs you hold, to possessions or people in your life, can all deplete you of your vital energy and leave you full of self doubt or feeling you are carrying extra weight and a burden around.

It can be really hard to let go of “things” though… even people, possessions or anything that is not serving your highest potential or is depleting you in some way.

I wonder however…

Have you ever tidied out your wardrobe and got rid of clothes that no longer fit or look nice? Did you notice how good it felt to let go of things in that way?

Equally, have you ever let go of a friendship that you knew had run it’s course, and did you feel a sense of relief knowing you were no longer having to pretend and try so hard?

The second key to unlocking your true happiness and deep fulfillment, and that I talk to my clients about, is… let go of anything and everything that you know (in your heart of hearts) isn’t a match for you right now.

There doesn’t have to be drama or sadness in letting go, there can be celebration and the “welcoming in” of the possibility of the new. When we create space in our lives, life has a way of rewarding us, bringing something new to fill the space.

When I was finally brave enough to leave a marriage that was no longer working for me, life brought me a man who is the perfect one for me 🙂


When I let go of the belief that I had to be “ready”, and I had to have everything totally polished and professional before I launched my business, life brought me clients who I have been able to serve in powerful and deeply fulfilling ways.

I’m curious…

What is there you see you might like to let go of in your life? Are you willing to let it go?

Part 3 and the 3rd Key to follow soon…

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