The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your True Happiness and Deep Fulfilment – Part 3

The 3rd Key

“Making time to play”

If you’re anything like a lot of women (me included), when we reached a certain age, somehow, and for whatever reasons, we stopped making time to play.

It’s easy to let all the things that have to be done, and all the roles we take on, become all consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

When you’re on the path to living life on your terms, in a way that feels really, really good to you, it’s essential you spend time doing things you love and that are just for fun!

I encourage my clients to get back in touch with their pleasure… with fun and playfulness!

When I started on my own journey to living life in this way, I really wasn’t sure about what I truly enjoyed and what I had fun doing. I’d spent so long in a marriage where I wasn’t sure whether the things I did, were because my ex-husband liked to do them, or because I found joy in them.

I began an experiment… I made it my mission to find out about all the things that made me happy!


As women, living in our feminine essence, it’s essential we make time to play. It’s vital for our being able to stay connected to what nourishes us, and puts that spring in our steps.

Out of that light-hearted, playful energy, comes inspiration, and our intuition about what to do now and what steps to take next.

When we are burdened by a long ‘to do’ list and lots of demands on our time, we can easily loose touch with the things that make us light-up and shine.

Doing something we consider to be “play”, something we enjoy…puts us back in touch with our natural instincts and our healthy curiosity and wonder about life.

I’m curious now…

What can you do today, that’s playful and fun… and makes YOU smile 🙂 ?


2 thoughts on “The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your True Happiness and Deep Fulfilment – Part 3

  1. So true, playfulness is a health booster. I can tell, had neglected it for too long. If I would give one advice to people who have a hard time relaxing it would be to find out what makes their hearth and soul sing and do it as often as they can.

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