Are you a pioneer?

Are you a pioneer?

I wonder, do you consider yourself to be a pioneer?

I just looked up the dictionary definition of “pioneer”, and it says…

“pioneer : a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.”

I’m curious to explore what that means for us, in the world we are living in today.

In present times, it seems to me, that a pioneer is someone who inhabits (even if only for some of the time) the spaces of OPEN HEARTED, real, CONNECTION, communication and relationship, with ourselves, and, with others.

In my experience, for many of us, we were not brought up in an environment where it was safe to be vulnerable, truly vulnerable, or where it was acceptable, to express any of the things that we were afraid, or indeed, ashamed, to reveal about ourselves… the things we judged to be “bad”, AND, maybe, even the things we judged to be “good”… or rather “too good” or “better than others”, in some way.

Rather, we are living in a society, where we have learned to put on our acceptable masks, and to keep anything, that we judge as being unacceptable about ourselves, well and truly hidden from view.

The pioneers of now, therefore, are the ones of us who are willing to take off our masks, to show our true colours… with a heart of love.

The pioneers of now, are the ones of us who are willing to enter into heart-to-heart, open and real, ways of being, communicating and relating… with a heart of healing, and greater well being, for all.

The pioneers of now, are the ones of us who are willing to risk it… all in the knowing that that is the only path to true liberation and peace.

Of course, dear one, these can just stay as words on a computer screen, OR, they can be truly life changing, when they are put into practice, in your closest relationships.

We see in the news, all about the chaos and violence in the world. We also hear that healing is what is required… it seems to me, that the healing that we are hearing about, is exactly this… the healing is the true coming together, being together, working and playing together… that occurs when everyone brings their real and perfectly imperfect, vulnerable, self to the party.

We can’t thrive by going it alone… talking and SHARING, listening and HEARING, being with one another, accepting ALL of ourselves, and one another, IS the way to healing.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of ‘risking it’, and being real in your closest relationships. How does it feel on the other side when you do?

Til soon,

Love, Catherine

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