Actions speak louder

Two words are front and centre for me just now… Powerful and Action.

I’m not American, and, this is affecting us all. On the morning I woke up to the news that Donald Trump had won the US Presidential election, I felt that in action, not reaction, was where I wanted to be.

Action = Powerful

Reaction = Powerless

I got quiet, I listened and I heard.

The first thing that happened was, a “Prayer For Guidance”, came to me (I will share it with you below).

The second thing that happened was, my prayer was answered. I knew what I was going to do.

That day, my mission, was clear. After carefully selecting my yellow cardigan from my wardrobe, I set about the day, sure in my intention… to be a little ray of sunshine wherever I went.

Instead of being drawn into conversations about, “Oh my goodness, what is going on in the world!!” Instead, I asked, “I’d love to know about what is positive or happy in your life just now?”

In response, I heard about an exciting first flat purchase, as well as the birth of a beautiful baby niece. My heart was touched by a young woman, so inspiring in the description of her love for her husband.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am most definitely not, wishfully hoping and living in a bubble of loved-up denial of what is.

There have been times, over the past few days, when I have felt scared and worried and when I have come eye ball to eye ball with fear. None of us is immune. We are human and therefore we feel fear. We are, however, capable of being fearlessFor me, fearlessness, is about feeling my fear and doing it anyway.

Being fearless means being courageous.

As well, I have experienced moments of sadness, helplessness and grief. Sometimes, when I look around, I see so much pain and suffering and it can feel like we are living in a crazy, out of control world. At times, and in the extreme, a world hell bent on destruction.

Yesterday, I saw Donald Trump described as a little boy. I don’t see him that way. I really don’t see that a little boy is capable of becoming President of the United States of America. In my seeing, Donald Trump is a powerful man. He is, though, a powerful man, fuelled by fear. His fear, in my knowing, is also his frailty.

Love is the only force that fuels True power.

This is where I am buoyed up and enthusiatically looking forward. You see, I have a choice, we all have a choice. More than that too, we can all start being in action. We can really put into practice, and experience the Truth of, the phrase…

 Actions Speak Louder Than Words.


Like many people, I have been enagaged in my inner work. I have been doing my healing. I have been growing and expanding and learning about Love. I like to think I am a loving person, and now, I see, there has never been a better time, or a more pertinent call, for me to really step it all up a notch, and for me to consciously act, in any and every way I can, from a Truly Powefully Loving place, in all of my daily life.

I intend to continue my mission, and my silver, shimmery scarf, is certainly looking like the perfect choice of attire for me to bring a glimmer of sparkle to life today… how about you?


Much love, Catherine

Prayer For Guidance

Connecting with Love
Placing Being, at peace, my priority.
From that place
I trust
Inspired, action is born
From that place
I trust
Truly, powerful, action is born
Now, is the time
For nothing less
Now, is the time
For Love’s inspiration
What is my role
Where is my place
I surrender
Please guide me
Show me all the places
Where Love does not reside within me
I am willing
Please help me Be
All, that I Am
Here, in service
All is well


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