My Relationship With Women

Dear Woman,

I don’t know about you, and I haven’t always felt safe and comfortable around other women.

I first became aware of it, I think, when I often felt like the odd one out at the all girls’ school I attended. I wasn’t one of the popular, pretty girls. I worked hard and I was good at exams. I usually came first or second in my class on my end of term report. Having red curly hair, and wearing glasses until my early teens, didn’t make it easy for me to blend in. I stood out, and I wasn’t comfortable about it.

Even before that, I related, more naturally, with my Dad. I felt safer with him in many ways, than with my Mum. She didn’t express her emotions very much, and I felt alone and out of my depth in handling my own sensitivity and feelings. It was easier for me to talk to my Dad, about logical things, and use my intellect, to reason and debate with him, rather than delve into the unpredictability (and, fear) of my inner world.

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The benefits of spending time with other women, the power of pleasure, and an invitation for you.

The benefits of spending time with other women, the power of pleasure, and an invitation for you.

“There is something, I have experienced myself, and through working with my clients, that is vital for us as women, to be able to bring everything we have to offer, and everything we wish for, to bear in our lives. With the support of other women, we are way, way more easily able, to realise all our dreams and potential, no matter what that might look like.
There is magic that happens when we gather together as a group of women in this way. It is breath taking and awe inspiring.. tingle making! and, SO, MUCH, FUN!!”

I am excited to be writing to you today. I have an invitation for you.

Before I share more, I’m inviting you to pause for a while, and to take a deep breath… as you exhale, and relax, I wonder… how does it feel, if you imagine for a moment….

a deeply nourishing and nurturing space, for you to gather with like-hearted women. Continue reading