Cosy up… let’s get to know one another a little better

For me, it’s all about JOY…

…expressing the fullness of who you truly are,


…following your bliss (your pure pleasure and delectable delight!)


♥ For the Love of Life ♥

“Do you desire to soak up every last drop of everything that life is…

…the indescribable awesomeness of this human experience?

p.s. that means it sometimes hurts too… the good news is,

pain is ultimately a signpost to MORE joy!


When I was little, I viewed life, like a HUGE sweetshop, full of yummy things to enjoy!

I saw everyone on the planet, as a potential playmate… to enjoy all the goodness with 🙂

In my heart, I still feel the same… life IS a great, big, magical, adventure (the game changer, is this… it’s about learning to put on our most sparkly shoes to navigate all the twists and turns it’s about discovering how to dance and delight in EVERYTHING!)


I warmly invite you to join me on one of my retreats in beautiful Pembrokeshire, where we can adventure together for a few days. I would be delighted to welcome you there. Please take a look at my “Magical Retreats” page to find out more.