Magical Retreats… the sweet smile of possibility

Dearest Heart,
Tell me what you long for
Tell me what it is, that makes you sing
and dance, with joy
I am here for you
awaiting your arrival
waiting to embrace you
in warmth, and generous care
I am your ally, your friend
your biggest cheerleader
for all that you desire
Come sit with me, for a while
Come rest, here
and let’s see, together
what unfolds
You may discover that you already have
all that you long for
You may discover, that change or action is required
I have the time
I have the heart
to be with you
Come join me?

…barefoot on the grass  IMG_1399

playful in the waves IMG_1056


…magic and beauty ABOUND! 

Magical Retreats…

…my next retreat is in Autumn 2017, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

>> I’d love for you to join me. Please email for details, <<

  • Is now  your time, to… breathe deep… let go… feel in… and to get to know, really get to know, and get comfortable with, your power, your strength, your burning desires, and the beautiful gifts that you carry within you? 
  • Is it your time, to surrender, to the life force that is living to move through you… the life force that is calling you… to stand up… to claim all that you are. The life force that is desiring you to be all of who you truly are… no holds barred?
  • Are you excited at the thought of being in a truly healthy space, alongside other women, to truly open up to that, in a way that feels so, so good?
  • Are you ready, to really feel, within you, and be part of, the life changing force of women, when we gather together?

If you’re feeling a ‘Yes’ in answer to these questions, then I trust you are in the right place. My retreats are safe spaces for you to gather with like-hearted women.

They are places where you are supported and held, so you can get clarity and focus about your purpose and path in life… no matter, what, where, when, how, or who.

If you know you have something that you want to share with the world, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is (yet!), then these retreats are for you.

If you have desires, that maybe you can not even name, then these retreats are for you.

If you are already offering your gifts to the world, and would like greater clarity and direction about the next steps along your path, then these retreats are for you. 

There is magic that happens when we gather together as a group of women in this way. It is breath taking and awe inspiring.. tingle making! and, SO MUCH FUN! 

We’ll talk and share together, truly supporting one another. We’ll nourish and nurture ourselves, with delicious food and walks on the beach. You’ll leave feeling energised, refreshed and full up with love for your life!

Sound good?

>> I’d love for you to join me on my next retreat, in Autumn 2017, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK. Please email for more details… I really can’t wait to welcome you here, << 

for now… a flavour of what you can expect!

photos a previous retreat

There is something, I trust, that is vital for us as women, to be able to bring everything we have to offer, and everything we wish for, to bear in our lives. With the support of other women, we are way, way more easily able, to realise all our dreams and potential, no matter what that might be.

Everything, you desire, I trust, is, exactly what is supposed to be. Once again, no holds barred… big, small, just for you, or impacting many… your desire is your signpost.

♥This is what I have to offer… and you’re invited dear heart ♥

I have a house, a beautiful space, for us to gather
with nourishing food, for us to eat
There is space, and light
and fresh air, and room, to breathe

And we, yes, you, and I
if you choose to accept my invitation
will meet together, and be together
for a few wonderful days
in all our imperfect perfection

The space is one of realness
of true connection
of love

There is no pressure on you
to do, or be, anything
other than your beautiful self

I am tired
as I know you are too
of pretending
of feeling like you have to have it all figured out

I see you
I hear you
I feel you

It’s time, dear one
for us to meet
My door, and my heart, are wide open

I am here to be with you
right where you are
It would be an honour, and a privilege
if you feel called to accept my invitation

>> This is my heart’s invitation, to yours, to join me, in West Wales, for a deeply nurturing time, of rest and relaxation. The agenda is connection, nurturing, ‘time out’, for you, to simply be. No pressure, no expectation on you, to do, or be, anything other than, your beautiful self. If walks on the beach, time by the fire, and nourishment, both for your body and your soul, with good food and company, is what your heart is longing for, then  email me,, and I will send you details of the next Magical Retreat, happening in Autumn 2017. It is my heart’s great joy to welcome you here <<