Magical You

There is a never ending-ness to ‘it’… to life.

There’s always the next calling, to embrace more, to live more, to BE more.

Magical You is about joy, it’s about living in joy. I bring warmth and openness, gentleness… and a sprinkling of sparkle, light and magic too! I am comfortable in the heavy places as well. I do not shy away from my, or your, hurts and sorrow. My soul longs to be your mirror, and to gently illuminate your path… to ever more joy.

It’s my delight to offer times for women to gather, on Retreats… and for us to experience the beauty and magic that always comes forth, when we sit and share, when we lay down our masks of self protection, and bare our beautiful raw hearts to one another.

It’s my creativity and pleasure, it’s my passion… to support YOU, to really and truly, enjoy ALL the beauty of life… by claiming who you TRULY are… living life on your terms (no matter how life feels right now).

Curious about living life with ‘a cherry on the top’?

When you say ‘Yes please!’ to receive your copy of the “Read Me” Diaries (…your first step to living life on your terms, in a way that feels really, really good to YOU!)  I’ll be delighted to send you a gift to say thank you.

>>Simply email me to receive your “Read Me” Diaries today, << 

Peek into Possibility…

IMG_0971 - Version 2

Oh, how I’m drawn, to the ebb and flow, the endless, constant, certainty, of the sea… reflecting, so elegantly, sooo ease-fully, the ebb and flow, the circles and cycles of life. I’d love to know what inspires and delights you too…”

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