Rumblings of Wholeness

Recently, I have been experiencing what wholeness means, in a deeper way than I think ever before. I have written about my experiences in a series of three blogs. This is the first one.

If you’re a person who lives most of your life in the light, and find it difficult to go to those darker places, I invite you to read these blogs about my recent journey into darkness.

My intention in writing, is to share what I have discovered about the joys of wholeness.

Part One of a Three Part Blog

I decided to break this down into three separate sharings, it’s quite long and I didn’t want to shorten it in any way.

I will post the next two blogs over the next two days.

Rumblings of Wholeness

A few weeks ago, it felt like the lid came off, and what felt like a bottomless well of sadness surged up inside of me. Continue reading