You’ve heard of keeping up with Joneses?

Well, for me, out and about on social media, I’m experiencing something I call keeping up with the Facebook-ers. You know, sometimes I wander around the online lives of other women in business, and I notice that I’m feeling a little inadequate.

I see lots of talk of 6 figure months and VIP packages and high ticket sales. As a ‘businesswoman work-in-progress’, it’s easy for me to get hooked and believe that I’m not successful if I’m not having 6 figure months or offering high priced packages as the norm.

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Learn how to make magic and more…

Hello and welcome to my latest post…

I’m super excited to tell you that “Flying Solo Again – Divorcing, Separating, Breaking Up? How to rebuild and move on positively” is very close to being available as an ebook across the web. It’s for you if you’re a woman and have just come out of, or are just at the end of long-term relationship. It’s an inspirational and nurturing, step-by-step guide to support you to move on positively with your life. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. I know it’s possible and I’m sharing all my tips with you in this book. Please do let me know if you’d like to find out more.

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