What do you do when you get it wrong?

I’m starting this week by reflecting upon something I did recently that didn’t work for me. It feels right for me to use the opportunity of the past couple of days to have a look inside and to write to you about what I did that didn’t feel good for me and about what I see (and have learned) because of it. I’ll give you some background…

Sooooo, with a deep breath and a ‘here goes’ approach, I see that I reacted too quickly and too harshly to someone I was upset with last week. I was upset because that person didn’t keep their word about an agreement we had. I was upset because I didn’t feel that the person was respecting me and my time.

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Beginning with Thank You

I’d be willing to bet that, no matter what your life looks like right now, there’s a dream for something amazing hiding beneath any doubts, fears and upset you might be feeling at the moment. Particularly if you’re recently single after the end of a long term relationship or are in any other difficult place in your life. Your dream might even be buried so deep that you hardly know it’s there. That’s ok.

If things are feeling tough and you’re not sure what the future holds, I invite you to consider the possibility that you have the power to make sure it is everything you could ever dream of.

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