Are you a pioneer?

Are you a pioneer?

I wonder, do you consider yourself to be a pioneer?

I just looked up the dictionary definition of “pioneer”, and it says…

“pioneer : a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.”

I’m curious to explore what that means for us, in the world we are living in today.

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Tomorrow, it’s my birthday!

Tomorrow, it’s my birthday. And today, I’m reflecting on the past 45 years. I’m feeling a deep sense of appreciation for where I am, who I am, and, for how my life is unfolding.

I’m also taking a peek into the future.

I feel I have reached a place, where, even though, there are many questions rolling around in my system at the moment, I also have an undeniable feeling of, “it’s all ok, life really is, all ok”… even when there are times, it hurts, and sometimes, it, does, really, hurt, I know all, is, well.

Having been, over the years, and still currently,  being gifted opportunities, to look all of my greatest fears right in the eye, and of accepting the unavoidability of coming face to face with them, as I turn 45, I am humbled to find myself, undeniably, perfectly poised, to journey into the next phase of my life, feeling equipped, and strong, and whole, enough, to really start to express my fullness, and to shine my light, in a much bigger way.

Who I am is not new to me. Who I am is who I have always known myself to be. Even as a very young child, I had a insatiable curiosity about life, about the universe, about how ‘it’ all works… Life always seemed, to me, so deliciously wondrous.

Outwardly, I have hidden much of my natural curiosities. Over the years, I’ve been judged too sensitive, too idealistic, too intense, too naive, too emotional… I have retreated and protected myself to varying degrees.

And now, after 45 years, I know I am ready to take bold steps out into the light, and to show up, as the real ‘me’!

Am I sometimes scared?


I wonder what I will reveal, and how I will be received, or not.

Am I sometimes doubtful?


I wonder “how?”. “How can I contribute, in the way I long to contribute, to the world being a kinder, more gentle, and compassionate place? …a world where it is ok for each of us to be ourselves, and for us to not feel we have to hide, fit in, and be something we’re not, in order to be accepted and loved.”

Am I ready, to give this all my best shot?

YES! It is who I am, and it is what I came here to do.

Do I know how, do I know exactly how, this calling will manifest, out there, in the world?

No, I don’t.

I have some avenues I am exploring, and, nothing is certain, or ‘a given’, or feels very concrete at the moment. And, I AM ready to voyage into these unchartered waters. I am ready to explore and reveal, the truth of who I am, the heart of who I am. I am ready to talk about the things, that are glaringly present in my awareness. As, we, more and more of us on the planet, take the steps to healing and wholeness, I am called to explore and talk about…

…How, we, as women, as the feminine, show up, powerfully, and, how can we, healthily, allow the masculine to support us, and what that might look like (both in terms of our allowing the support of the men in our lives, and also in terms of us supporting ourselves with our own inner masculine energies)? And, also, I wonder how, what we are asking from our men, impacts, on them, going forward, and on their roles in life, and as well, on our intimate, romantic relationships, together?

I want to dive deeper, into the topic of…

…How we can all, women and men, begin to really shift, in a much bigger way, from a world of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, of comparison and competition, to a world of inclusiveness, of support, of our embracing and accepting all of the surface-level differences between us, to one of cooperation, collaboration and co-creation.

…How we can embody, more and more, our true natures, and so birth, a much healthier, happier, thriving world?

I know it begins on the inside. It begins as we work to heal, and make whole, ourselves, individually. Each of us, I trust, has a part to play, a really, real, and vital part, to play.

I’m curious, I invite you…

…Where is there pain, discomfort or upset, in your life?

…Are you willing, very gently, to begin to ask that discomfort, “What can you show me, how can you make me more whole?”

…Are you available to be with another, to, just, simply, be there, present, as someone else, opens up, feels and expresses, what is true for them, in any given moment, without needing to jump in and try and fix, or rescue, them? Can you be with someone else’s discomfort and not judge or make wrong in any way?

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in any of this. For me, the only requirements, are that you are open and willing, to see how you might play your part, in bringing more love and community into the world. For, that, I see, is the only possible way we go forward, as humanity.

I send you so much love. And, I wish you a happy 11th June!


Living at the edge

What does it mean to you, when I ask, “Are you living at your edge?”….I’m curious, and, I want to share what it means to me. I’ll give you an example of something I experienced very recently about my own edge.

Most of us have a sense of what being at the edge of our comfort zone is all about. For me, when I trekked to Everest Base Camp, back in 2010, it was an experience that was certainly out of my comfort zone, for many reasons……I’d never undertaken such an extreme physical challenge before, I signed up to do the trek alone and I’d not done anything like that on my own before, I had to raise over £3000 in sponsorship money and that was something new too…the list goes on…

Living at my edge is similar, and different, to being at the edge of my comfort zone.

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