How to know when to push on and when to stop and rest

There’s a theme, a recurring conversation, that I’m experiencing in my life recently…”how do you know when to push on, and, when to stop and rest, particularly in the midst of a difficult situation?”

You know the times… when you’re in the middle of a really tough time, one that feels really difficult and exhausting, and you feel zapped of energy, and yet, your mind is whirring at a hundred miles an hour because you’re trying to fathom out what to do next…?

Well, that seems to be a recurring theme of conversation I’m having with many different people in my life at the moment. It’s a situation that lots of people I’ve been talking with recently are experiencing… so much so, I’ve decided to explore it here…

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Beware of shiny objects…

I’ve been aware of the potential pitfalls of ‘shiny new object syndrome’ recently…


I wonder… are you someone who loves the latest new ‘thing’, course, workshop, technique, strategy or promise of all-you-ever-wanted at the wave of a magic wand? Are you into growth and expansion and fulfilling your potential, and, are you always on the look out for new ways to evolve, experience and enjoy more and more of life?

While I wouldn’t say I flit from thing to thing, I know I sometimes have a tendency to have a million great ideas or things I want to do and I am full of enthusiasm, and then, I often find myself not knowing which thing to take action on. This can leave me feeling overwhelmed and paralysed in overload.

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