You’ve heard of keeping up with Joneses?

Well, for me, out and about on social media, I’m experiencing something I call keeping up with the Facebook-ers. You know, sometimes I wander around the online lives of other women in business, and I notice that I’m feeling a little inadequate.

I see lots of talk of 6 figure months and VIP packages and high ticket sales. As a ‘businesswoman work-in-progress’, it’s easy for me to get hooked and believe that I’m not successful if I’m not having 6 figure months or offering high priced packages as the norm.

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Tell me what it means to be successful?

That’s an interesting question don’t you think? What does success mean to you? What does your life look like when you’re successful?

There’s a million different answers to that question, and, I think if you ask a hundred people, you’ll likely get a hundred different answers. Although, at the heart of what they say it may be the same.

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