The Dragon butter smugglers


Perhaps you’re saying “What?”, “Who are the the Dragon butter smugglers?”

It’s the name I’ve affectionately given my husband and I as we embark on our next adventure.

For the next 6 months, we will be enjoying half our time in Wales and half in London. And, if you’ve never tried it, Welsh Dragon butter is pretty scrumptious, so we’ll be making sure we bring plenty back to England on a regualr basis too!

Seriously though, I AM EXCITED! I am excited, beyond most thingsĀ I’ve let myself be excited about in a long time. The retreat I held recently (my very first!) was exciting, and, there was an element of nervousness about it…(and, that’s for another time…) whereas, this, THIS is pure and utter blissful, no holds barred…my husband and I going on an adventure together.

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