Yesterday, we arrived at our seaside home, today, I cried

Yesterday, we came back to Pembrokeshire, this morning, I cried.

It was late and dark when we got here last night. This morning, after a cosy sleep, I set off for a walk to see the sea. At first I could only hear the sound of the waves, and then, as I rounded a bend in the path, there it was, there was that view. In front of me, I could see the waves, those endless, certain, ebbing and flowing, waves. My eyes filled with tears, and I couldn’t have stopped the smile that broke out all across my face. I’m home again. Continue reading

The power of making an agreement in your relationship, and what that means

Here, in the UK, we are seeing the first signs of Autumn, as the leaves turn their beautiful shades of russet and gold. I was so inspired by the clear blue sky and the promise of some October sunshine this morning that I decided to take myself outside into the park before I started my day’s activities.


As I walked, I felt an enormous appreciation that I CAN just simply decide that I will take a walk before I start work each day. I’m not tied to getting on a train or in a car in the hustle and bustle of rush hour, and, to having to be at a certain place, at a certain time, to do my work.

That freedom and flexibility comes, in part, out of an agreement I have with my husband, about the way we live our lives. Our agreement is that he goes to work every day in his business, and that I do my work at a time and place I choose. That means, if I choose, I can go for a walk in the morning.

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Beware of shiny objects…

I’ve been aware of the potential pitfalls of ‘shiny new object syndrome’ recently…


I wonder… are you someone who loves the latest new ‘thing’, course, workshop, technique, strategy or promise of all-you-ever-wanted at the wave of a magic wand? Are you into growth and expansion and fulfilling your potential, and, are you always on the look out for new ways to evolve, experience and enjoy more and more of life?

While I wouldn’t say I flit from thing to thing, I know I sometimes have a tendency to have a million great ideas or things I want to do and I am full of enthusiasm, and then, I often find myself not knowing which thing to take action on. This can leave me feeling overwhelmed and paralysed in overload.

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You’ve heard of keeping up with Joneses?

Well, for me, out and about on social media, I’m experiencing something I call keeping up with the Facebook-ers. You know, sometimes I wander around the online lives of other women in business, and I notice that I’m feeling a little inadequate.

I see lots of talk of 6 figure months and VIP packages and high ticket sales. As a ‘businesswoman work-in-progress’, it’s easy for me to get hooked and believe that I’m not successful if I’m not having 6 figure months or offering high priced packages as the norm.

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Tell me what it means to be successful?

That’s an interesting question don’t you think? What does success mean to you? What does your life look like when you’re successful?

There’s a million different answers to that question, and, I think if you ask a hundred people, you’ll likely get a hundred different answers. Although, at the heart of what they say it may be the same.

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Getting to the heart of things

Everything that’s going on in your life (on the outside) is a reflection of what’s going on, on the inside. What you’re putting out into the world is what you’ll experience showing up around you. That means, if it’s your heart’s desires you’re seeking, it’s with a whole heart you must seek them.

Where there is ‘dis’ in any part of your life, it is because there is conflict within your being at some level. There is no judgement with this, often the conflict is subtle and easily goes unnoticed. It is with care and patience that you can do the work to bring your internal world and your external experience into harmony. Continue reading