Irresistable Acceptance

Recently, I have been experiencing what wholeness means, in a deeper way than I think ever before. I have written about my experiences in a series of three blogs. This is the second one.

If you’re a person who lives most of your life in the light, and find it difficult to go to those darker places, I invite you to read these blogs about my recent journey into darkness.

My intention in writing it is to share what I have discovered about the joys of wholeness. If you missed Part One you can find it here on my blog.

Part Two of a Three Part Blog

Irresistable Acceptance

Life can feel, through varying degrees, a little, and many times, a lot, out of control these days. As we look around in the world, we see extreme weather, and earthquakes. We see the leaders of nations, expressing outwards, their pain and hurt and fear. We hear about acts of violence, against the planet, and against one another, all of the time.

Closer to home, I know some of us are experiencing division and separation within our families. Many of us also work in environments that are still operating, from, and within, what I would call unhealthy ways of being. They are places that are driven by unwholly desires. Also, it is commonplace in our society, to feel we have to embellish and hide, and put on masks and not dare to show, anything we believe to be, our weaknesses, our failures, our fears.

All of this can mean we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of control, and, at the same time, unsure of what we can do, if anything, for things to be different.

I hold my hand up.

I have been feeling all of these things of late.

As I’ve looked around my life, I have faced some things that I have been resisting facing, and I have asked myself whether, I will run away, or, if I will stay put and simply be with what is.

This has been a big learning in acceptance for me. It has been a big learning, in not avoiding, or glossing over, or making the best of, or putting on a brave face about. I am being called to see, exactly what is, exactly as it is, and to feel, all the confusion, and helplessness, and bleakness, that has arisen out of it.

Before you wonder if you want to keep reading, and if you are finding it hard to stay with me here, I have good news! I have uncovered a way forward for myself.

I would like to share the process I worked through, a process that has shown me my next steps.

This is the process that has helped me transform my feelings of frustration and overwhelm, into feelings of calm and purpose. It’s a ‘step by step’.

Step 1. Write a list of all the situations in your life that feel overwhelming, frustrating, sad, or painful to you

Step 2. Write, in detail, how you feel about each of those situations, and, specifically, what it is about each situation that is making you feel that way

Step 3. Now, answer honestly, and write about everything you can do about each situation. Consider everything that is within your control, and write about that.

When I did this exercise, I discovered that for most of the situations I wrote about, there is nothing I can do about them, other than to accept, that is they way they are, and to commit to being, every day, aligned to what is true for me, and to taking any action, as I am required to take that action.

I discovered there were only three things on my own list that I could actually be proactive about. The next step in the process is to make a plan, and to take action straight away.

As a result of working through this process, I feel clearer, stronger, and more peaceful.

I wonder how you feel after doing this exercise? I’d love for you to let me know.

For me though, this story did not end there.

Tomorrow I will share the final part of this blog.

It’s time to dive deeper into wholeness!