Life at a slower pace

Even though we are in the midst of Winter, and not so many days away from the shortest day of the year, my days seem to be long.

I feel like I have lots of time.

Perhaps it’s my slower pace of life, here in West Wales, or perhaps it’s because I’m being much more conscious about how I’m using my time, that means I feel like I have SO MUCH MORE of it. Continue reading

Yesterday, we arrived at our seaside home, today, I cried

Yesterday, we came back to Pembrokeshire, this morning, I cried.

It was late and dark when we got here last night. This morning, after a cosy sleep, I set off for a walk to see the sea. At first I could only hear the sound of the waves, and then, as I rounded a bend in the path, there it was, there was that view. In front of me, I could see the waves, those endless, certain, ebbing and flowing, waves. My eyes filled with tears, and I couldn’t have stopped the smile that broke out all across my face. I’m home again. Continue reading

Blissed out in Pembrokeshire!

Greetings from a very snug and cosy cottage in Pembrokeshire…

Today has been blissful!

Have you ever had a vision, a dream, an idea? Something that you really felt was “it”, the thing that was smile making, heart warming and joy giving, for YOU?

Well, my dream, was to live by the sea. My vision, was to soak up the sure and certain tides of the ocean. My idea, was to come to Wales and do all of the things that I absolutely LOVE to do. And, here we are! Continue reading

Our first week in Wales!

So we made it! We’re here! Greetings to you from Pembrokeshire!

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions, for me, during our first week in Wales. To be honest, I’ve been feeling up, down, happy, tearful, excited, giddy, fearful…the whole roller coaster of everything-ness.

Isn’t it interesting, how, when we get what we want, it can be tricky to accept it…never mind, actually enjoy it! Welcome to the world of upper limits! Continue reading

The Dragon butter smugglers


Perhaps you’re saying “What?”, “Who are the the Dragon butter smugglers?”

It’s the name I’ve affectionately given my husband and I as we embark on our next adventure.

For the next 6 months, we will be enjoying half our time in Wales and half in London. And, if you’ve never tried it, Welsh Dragon butter is pretty scrumptious, so we’ll be making sure we bring plenty back to England on a regualr basis too!

Seriously though, I AM EXCITED! I am excited, beyond most things I’ve let myself be excited about in a long time. The retreat I held recently (my very first!) was exciting, and, there was an element of nervousness about it…(and, that’s for another time…) whereas, this, THIS is pure and utter blissful, no holds barred…my husband and I going on an adventure together.

Continue reading