It is not always a loud and showy affair
Often, it is a quiet truth
Spoken, tentatively, in the night
It is the patient refusal, to numb out
Or deny, those sharp or heavy pains, in your heart
Sometimes, it is the bravest act
To speak up, purely, for the rightness, of speaking out
No assurances of what will follow
To stand, unwaveringly, in truth

The story I’ve not yet told you

There’s a part of my life, a story, that I’ve not yet told you. AndĀ now, feels like the right time to tell it.

I know that this story wants to be told, I’ve known it for some time. The problem I’ve been encountering, is how to tell it, AND, the reason behindĀ why I want to tell it. You see, it’s not something I feel clear on, certain about, or something that I completely understand. It’s more like, the not telling of it, is proving too heavy to hold. I feel a need to share it, that I want to share it, for myself, for you, for all of us. I want to lay this down.

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