Sometimes, life sucks…

…or does it?

Is every obstacle really just a blessing in disguise?

Is every bit of choppiness really just the path  to calmer waters?


Have you ever had a day, when life. just. feels. hard. When it hurts. And you don’t exactly know what the ‘it’ is? When you’re on the verge of tears, and everything and everyone feels ‘off’, doesn’t ‘get’ you, and nothing feels right? I’m sure you know what I mean?

In the midst of one of those days today, I had an ‘AHA!’…

Here’s what I’ve got, so far (I’m so excited to share this with you!!!).

If I hadn’t woken up this morning feeling tearful and hurting, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing to you right now. Equals a good thing (a.k.a a blessing in disguise)

If I wasn’t blessed with living a life where I pretty much get to choose how I use my time, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing to right now. Equals a good thing.

If I didn’t have the time to fully feel, all of the stuff that I feel (and I have to tell you, some of it feels pretty darn painful), I wouldn’t be sitting here writing to you right now. Again, equals a good thing (you get my drift…?)

The realisation I’ve had, this morning, goes something like this… I am truly blessed to be living this life, my life, the one that I am living. I have so much time, so much support, and so much freedom… things that so many people yearn for, dream of, and don’t experience, in their life, yet.

And so, out of my feeling terrible, I now feel grateful. My heart is open (I’m still teary), and yet in an open hearted way. Tears of gratitude.

I am grateful for my husband who loves and supports me. In so many ways.

I am grateful for all my beautiful women friends who love and encourage me. In so many ways.

I am grateful for all the ‘difficult’ things in my life, that I now see, today, are my opportunities to feel, to open, to share, to write from my experience, from my heart, direct to yours… to let you know you are not alone. We are all in this together. This human experience, this living our lives thing. And so now, I feel connected. I no longer feel alone. Each and every one of us, whether we choose to accept it or not, are all the same. If only, if only (and this is where I can be of service and I see I can make a difference) we all choose to accept it, and share it, all the ‘its’ that we feel bad, or ashamed, or stupid, or silly, or scared to share.

Because one thing I know for sure. Is this. If we could all just let down our guard, open our hearts, and start to be really real with each other, then the world could quite literally change in an instant. We could be one human being talking with another human being, fully accepting and ok with, the fullness (‘good/acceptable’ and ‘bad/unacceptable’) of who we all are.

So, when something shows up in your life that you think you don’t want, here’s what I gently invite you to ask yourself…

What is this thing here to show me, teach me?

What do I have to learn here?

What I am avoiding that this thing is trying to help me with?

There truly is gold in every challenge, if only we are patient and gentle enough with ourselves to investigate it. The path to peace, really, is, within.

Sending you so much love always,